Quiet Wish


Man, Where’s Your Heart?
Infinite Sky

Dances On Mars (Video)
Stone Wall (Video)
Ruby Dawn (Video)

A new CD of in-the-studio live recordings of songs of the full band is now available. Called “Closer”, this is Quiet Wish playing in band form of Carola Baer, David J Lambert and Dave Salsbury, with guests Matt Manning and Geraint Herbert on drums. It can be ordered here on our CD page.

Also on the CD page, we have available to purchase both the CDs from the Quiet Wish Duo (Change and Walk With Care), and also Dave Salsbury’s Mothership CD.

A DVD and Blu-Ray of a live performance of the Closer album is available on special request. Please contact for details.

2017 will also see the launch of our TV series of live music: QWT. For more info, go to http://quietwhistletest.com

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