My Regret

27 Nov 2014 ‘My Regret’ Save

Was it in my dreams when I saw the stars
I held something then
You made it change, now its gone
My regret

Was it when I found the shells of the trees
In your eyes
Was it when I fell deep down in the sky
Your regret

And everytime you say no, why did it happen
Everytime you’ll say should have stopped them
But it keeps on going on and on
My story’s always told
These stories never end

Was it when I saw shadows behind your doors
Something in you
Gonna make us fall apart

Was it when you fell from a star
Down to this fine place
Was it when I wanted
The things you had so much
I no longer cared.
My regret

Production Notes.

This is still the version we played in rehearsal very soon after forming. We have had such nice comments about this version that we don’t feel the need to re-track it. We play it slightly differently live now. Carola is on vocals with David on Godin Electro-Classical Guitar through a Guitar Synth.