24 Feb 2015 Here is a recording of our first plugged-in track Deeper (with guest Shaun FInch on Drums).

Save 22 Feb 2015 Deeper


Ever so cold
There’s a distance in your eyes
Like glass
I can’t get through

Ever so cold
and never so good

The heavens know
You think they cannot see
Shadows will hang inside of you

A deeper song needed to awaken your soul
and bring you back, bring you home
A deeper song needed to awaken your soul
and make you rest

I try to look, but cannot see
For the fogs, gathering, are blinding me
I feel you as you take my hand
But it slips away, and I’m alone again
Yet you come back, take my hand again
Lead me, pull me, through the bushes of thorns
But ahead, there is a wall that I can’t get through
I can’t get through

The casts of fate created what we got
You’re scared, so close your eyes
I’ll take your hand to somewhere beautiful
Lie down, and let yourself cry.