Aug 2017. Our latest CD ‘Ruby Dawn’, is aiming for an album effect, not a series of single tracks but an hour long start-to-finish musical experience, and is firmly influenced by the times we are currently living in. This is the full current alt rock band line up of Carola Baer, David J Lambert, Dave Salsbury, and Matt Manning. .. Please note – if you previously bought ‘Closer’, then please message us for a very special price on ‘Ruby Dawn’, as ‘Ruby Dawn’ duplicates some of the tracks on ‘Closer’ (different recordings, but several of the songs are the same). 

The first Quiet Wish CD with a full band is Closer. Recorded live in the studio, these are raw early development versions of the songs, recorded totally live, and shows us heading firmly in a Progressive direction. (Note there is some duplication of songs with “Ruby Dawn” – different recordings, but some of the songs are the same).


Images courtesy of Lara Kantardjian of London:

The 2nd Quiet Wish Duo CD was Walk With Care. These are in our ‘electric duo’ guise, and all tracks were recorded live.


The 1st Quiet Wish Duo CD was Change.

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Change is a full CD (68 minutes) of raw, mainly acoustic original songs recorded largely as live performances in the studio. Played just as a duet, with a minimum of overdubs and post-production, the aim was to capture the raw essence of the songs. Some comments have been that it is good music to listen to when relaxing, late at night, and also good to drive to.


The album was recorded in the first couple of months after formation in September 2014. Most of the songs are written by Carola, while David wrote Flying and Natural, and My Regret is a joint composition. There is a mixture of older and very new songs, but the theme for many of them is ‘change’ – changes in life, changing the world for the better, changing awareness of our effect on our environment. Lyrics and further info are here..

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Images courtesy of Lara Kantardjian of London:

Finally, we are happy to sell Dave Salsbury’s Mothership solo CD, which contains his ambient guitar-based instrumental music,



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