Quiet Wish were a fringe progressive rock band (initially a duo) from Surrey, UK playing original music influenced by alt-rock, electronic trip-hop, ambient, progressive, and floyd-esqe music. They were active from Aug 2014 until July 2019. Before the split, the band were signed to a label, and in the process of completing a CD (aimed to be called ‘Beyond Tomorrow’).

The following info was mainly written at the time the band was active.

The music reflects current environmental and humanitarian concerns and takes you on a journey – a listening experience of  themes and emotions that are interwoven and connected through the use of political and poetic imagery, both subtle and sometimes direct.

Band Biography

Formed in September 2014, Quiet Wish started as a duo of Carola Baer and David J Lambert – two musicians/singer-songwriters, based in Surrey, England, UK.  In Spring 2016, after a request for Quiet Wish to play at a progressive rock event, they asked talented ambient electric guitarist Dave Salsbury to join them for the gig, and subsequently he fully joined the band. As the music evolved into a fuller, dynamic alt-rock or progressive sound, they were joined by drummers, first Shaun Finch and Geraint Herbert, and now currently Matt Manning.

The music is mainly focused around Carola’s intimate, warm and haunting voice (with traces of Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and Mazzy Star – sometimes bluesy, sometimes mellow), David’s intricate, often classically influenced-guitar playing (with influences of Mark Knopfler and the late John Renbourn, often played on a nylon-strung electric guitar synthesizer), and Dave’s electric rhythm and lead guitar and “Mothership”, synth soundscape sounds. Matt adds solid drums, intricate or heavier drums, as needed, with a style derived from many influences, including Progressive Rock and Ska. Carola also plays keys and guitar synthesizer and keyboard, and David’s and Dave’s voices combine very pleasantly with Carola’s in harmonies.

The band make use of guitar synthesizers, loopers, pads and synths to build a modern full sound. There is influence from Massive Attack, Mazzy Star, Pink Floyd and the Cocteau Twins. The inspiration for many of their songs is the “the world we live in”, awareness of our environment and trying gently to persuade people to change our world for the better.

Shortly after forming Quiet Wish, Carola and David started recording informally a number of original tracks in a raw ‘acoustic’ format. This resulted in their first CD ‘Change’. Subsequently they have been writing lots of music together, A second duo CD as a duo, called Walk With Care, has now been released, and represents the current full rock sound.

With the addition of Dave Salsbury and drummers, an interim CD called “Closer” was release of Quiet Wish in full band guise. This has now been superceded by a CD called “Ruby Dawn”, which still retains the raw, live feel. This is available for sale on the CD page, and also available on iTunes, Amazon etc for download.

The name ‘Quiet Wish’ reflects a laid-back, quiet and reflective style, and some of the music is in that vein, suitable for those quieter moments, late evenings and times when you want to relax. But Quiet Wish music also often rocks. Some of the music will also reflect different moods, including trance and rocking-out. Lyrically, some of Carola’s poetic words may seem like they are about relationships, but often those relationships are between mankind and the planet, reflecting her environmental and political views. David’s words tend to be more direct, but also cover subjects such as the futility of war, and political issues. The expansion of the band with Dave Salsbury and Matt Manning allows incorporation of the ambient soundscapes, and of playing in full rock mode with dual guitars, drums and keys.

More Detailed Backgrounds

Carola Baer

Carola Baer grew up in West London and moved to the US in her early 20’s. She settled in San Francisco where she met Ian Butler, who helped and inspired her to begin composing her own piano based material. She then spent 4 years collaborating with Mike Freeman creating politically based industrial sounds and multimedia performances. Carola has extensively experimented with vocal free form improvisation in order to find what she believes the true or pure melody of a piece of music. In the vein of Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance, she explored and produced a number of musical expressions using ethnic melodies, wordless vocalisations and spoken sounds. In the late 90’s Carola finally formed her own band called Flowers for Delia with bassist Steve Brown and guitarist Tim Foley, and began playing live in a variety of small venues around San Francisco. After relocating to Seattle in 2007, Carola partnered up with David Rispoli and produced a full CD. Their collaborative project was cut short when she finally returned to the UK after a 20 year absence. Carola has now started working with local musician and producer David J Lambert. The music is a collection of delicate and emotionally charged poetic imagery inspired by Carola’s humanitarian and environmental concerns. As the grand daughter of Rupen Metrobian, sole survivor of his family after the 1915 Armenian genocide, she speaks out against all forms of injustice whenever she can through her music.

David J Lambert

Brought up in Dagenham (East London), David got his first finger-slicing guitar aged 11. In his teens, he began a life-long interest in recording, by using an old reel-to-reel tape recorder and a casette recorder to make sound-on-sound recordings, and later borrowing (from designer Peter Kershaw) a very early Drum Machine. He also dabbled with jam bands in his teens, and Steely Dan covers at Leeds University. More recently he was often seen playing his original songs in local folk clubs (especially The Anchor, in Byfleet, Surrey), and was heavily involved in a Blues collective at Bracknell’s South Hill Park Arts Centre, where he annoyed a lot of people by trying to get them to play folk and rock too. In 2009, he became guitarist in the early incarnation of prog-folk-rock band Spriggan Mist (with Baz and Maxine Cilia, Andy Wilkin, and Dave’s wife Gill). He recorded and produced their first album ‘Caught In A Spell’, and wrote 2 songs for the album. Prior to meeting Carola, he wrote a number of songs in a cynical/protest/Billy Bragg style, and also did some prog-style free-jamming with guitarist Pete Slade and drummer Shaun Finch (of the Bounty Hounds), belying his love for Gentle Giant and Gabriel-era Genesis. David also likes experimenting with video and surround-sound, and there will be some release of Quiet Wish music in that guise in the future.

Dave Salsbury

Dave has been active in a broad musical spectrum with gigging bands and studio projects since the early ‘90s. Although a guitarist first and foremost, Dave has always been interested in effects and their manipulation. In recent years he has ventured further into electronic and experimental ambient music, co-founding the experimental studio project PML, and leading to the creation of the ‘Mothership’ – Dave’s ambient-electronic alter ego.  This involves combining guitars with analogue synths, loops and drones to create soundscapes inspired by pioneering German bands like Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, as well as influences from Steve Hillage, Japan’s Acid Mothers Temple, Pink Floyd, and Neil Young. Dave has been performing live Mothership sets since 2014, and that same year released his debut album, simply titled ‘Dave Salsbury’s Mothership’. Dave first met Carola and David at one of their early Quiet Wish gigs, and became an instant fan of the original duo. A mutual admiration for each other’s music, and a similarity of style and influences led to an experimental jam together in 2016, intended as a one-off, which in turn led to the formation of the current Quiet Wish band.

Matt Manning

Matt has recently been seen mainly playing with Ska bands, but this belies his love of other types of music, especially Phil Collin’s playing with Genesis. Enthusiastic and creative, he is also as tight as a duck’s rear end. More to follow when he lets us know more about him,